Sunday, August 26, 2007

Jeanine's 22 bday.

Sac town bound to go river rafting for my friend Jeanine's bday. We had to resort to Raging Waters/Sac state fair instead because as usual, we ran on Filipino time. Enjoy some pics.

280 bound North.

I would say this is the part of the trip that got blurry.....
"I'm in a reggae band, why the fuck would you ask me if I smoke weed?!"
J.R the driver and also my friend Jeanine's boyfriend, has very carnal knowledge of the band Sublime and has at least 3 versions of each song from them.Jeanine making better use of my Blackberry

My trigger hand got itchy en route. Random
They had a shitload of these Golden Bears near the Fair/Raging Waters. Shit is ballin.Only in Sac,CA

Jeanine with the best sandwiches a loaded man can ever eat.

As fuck
Went swimming after and then back to SF. Good times.

-Carlo P(Young Cheeezy)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

R.I.P Jimmy G

Friday I lost a good friend and one of the most stand up dudes I know. Through out High School I met a bunch of people through Carlo Ang in Millbrae. Jimmy happened to be a person that I frequently chilled with and we all became good friends.As time went on we ended up hanging out more frequently and the occasional drinking buddy turned into a friend, to good friend, and then a type of family. The best thing I can say about Jimmy was he was completely one of the most down dudes I knew. The more I think about it, there never was really moment i can think of that he turned down the opportunity to help his friends out. People say "You are the company you keep" and Jimmy was definitely that. From his friends all here in Millbrae, to the friends he made through out High School, after High School, in the SFPD force, and just in life in general. He was always someone you could get along with despite any social barrier whatsoever. Everyone loved Jimmy, he was the dude that made you laugh and the one that got that smile out of you when the chips were down.

This goes out to Jimmy, a person I know that touched all of our lives by living a full and happy 22 years of life with all of us. Although hes gone, I know Jimmy is up there telling us to take another one for him just for old times sake because he never would of wanted us to stop the happiness that we live through him in the present. We love you and we'll never forget you.



Saturday, August 4, 2007

Taking care of business

My boy Natural(Urban Era) taking care of business outside of the street wear industry and laying it down on the stuntwood. Who says industry heads can't still lay it down? I beg to differ son!

-Young Cheeezy

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Sorry for the lack of updates people. Summer has been quite the time to be stagnent and comfortable since everyone is back home. WE WILL BE POSTING MORE AGAIN SOON SO DON'T SLEEP! For now....I present to you.....

Come through and blow your hard earned check on street wear brands radically marked down to 3rd world country prices!

-Carlo P(Young Cheeezy)