Thursday, May 31, 2007


Continuation of the below....

So grown with it. Pre-game consumption before the Voodoo Lounge. Note: This is only the first night.
VIP loungin. This is us after a bottle of Patron and a comped $900 dollar tab later. Oh boy.

UFC in the house.
At this point the birthday boy(Corpuz) has consumed enough screwdrivers to feed Nicolas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas for 3 months. We wandered outside to 85 degree weather on the rooftop of the Rio. Shit was beautiful.

Giffiss brothers!
Coalition of the willing. Basically....this is the story. Corpuz gets kicked out and we all leave to find him. Elliott, Forrest, E.J and myself end up on this crazy mission.

Objective: Filapitos carne asada fries and burritos.

For all of you unfamiliar with Las Vegas demographics, Filapitos is located in the part of the strip that is the most hood and also very sketchy. People have been known to get robbed on the spot. So we get there and yes after a bit of luck we found a cab going back. We hit a speed bump over the way back to the Rio though.....

The U.N will never negotiate so eliquently as these gentlemen did that night over Carne Asada burritos or Carne Asada fries.
We grab a cab and it ends up that the driver has persuaded Forrest and all of us to go to Scores. Scores is Las Vegas version of Centerfolds x 10. All people should remember, and I can't stress this enough, ALL CAB DRIVERS will persuade you to go there or any strip club for free because they have worked out deals to be paid or get in for free themselves if they bring customers. We we're all a product of this that night. Obviously I didn't spend money for a dick tease and neither did E.J. Forrest and Elliott had a grand time though courtesy of some major pull at this joint. I have no pictures of this place, but I will tell you this, someone got a lap dance, someone had a too many drinks and two people avoided every single lap dance known to man. Here are some pictures on the way there though.
Got back to the Rio and we found a treat.Toilet gods were happy that night.HAPPY BIRTHDAY CORPUZ!

Continuation tommorrow

-Carlo P(Young Cheezy)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


As you all know, 10 gentlemen embarked on a journey through lights,gambling and alcohol binging within the City of Sin(Las Vegas). Unfortunately, their journey was a long and blurry one. Due to the amount of pictures through out the days, I will make this blog 3 parts and try to caption it within the chronological order which it happened. DIRTBAGS ANONYMOUS X ULTRA VITALENCE X LAS VEGAS

Touched down at 2:45pm at Las Vegas Mccarran airport. The openning squad straight off of flight 1590.

Limo to the Rio.Maximus Corpus, Nick the gambler, Uncle John(The winner this trip, up 250?!) and Willard!

....on the other side. Ryan "Matt Barnes", Myself, and Neil

Got to suite 200002 in the Rio. Complimentary liquor and food courtesy of the house. 2 free bottles of Henn and Patron!
Our room....

On the way to the Buffet line. Swervin!VIP buffet consumption Choice of champions, Gatorade and Henn
Eliott(Ultra Vitalence) was in the buildin!

More pictures tommorrow!

-Carlo P (Young Cheeezy)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Saturrrdaay.....iiiin the park.

Sorry for the lack of updates people. School+finals+work+leaving for Vegas soon=Stressed. I've been lagging on putting this up....but hopefully this does the job. On the 19th of May in the year 2007, Atlas skateshop of San Mateo openned its doors to the public.

Amongst the giants indeed. Yup...that's us next to NikeSB.

The store is cleaner than most yuppie's rooms.

Big Pauly(BigPaulyFilms) was big pimpin it

John Jackson(Sk8mafia,FTC) was doing the blog thing too?
Cameron(ReckordSF) and Ron from SD were waiting for Seans bbq weenies amidst the skateboarding madness

George(ReckordSF) was bummed on the peanut gallery.Haha. As usual
Fred Aragon(ReckordSF) was pretty hyped though.
Tony V(City,Hubba,Venture) was fucking juiced as fuck!
Turned out to be a great event. The peninsual finally has a skateshop again! Thanks to Ryen M and Mike M at Atlas.

P.S Check out my homey Paul's blogspot when you get the chance. GOONIES X THE JETS?!

-Carlo P(Young Cheezy)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


A piece that my friend Elliott(Ultra Vitalence) made for the blog. Definitely embodies our blog. Thanks buddy!

-Carlo P(Young Cheeezy)

Saturday, May 12, 2007


2 post in one day. Shit is kind of nerdy, but yo I had some many pics from yesterday and Friday that I had to make another post. I mean fuck....we met The Cool Kids. Who the fuck are the Cool Kids? Only the most original music coming out of wait, only the most original music coming out of this generations HIP HOP right now.Mikey and Chuck. Check out their music first.

Saturday night was the shit though.
Obviously we drank before hand. 80s babies in front of the pink candy store, you know how we do.
By the time we got in we we're drunk and making Pterodactyl noises. We get to the bar and what do you know it, The Cool Kids were there. Not only good artist, but good peoples too. Shout outs to Mikey and Chuck. Cool Kids all day

The Cool Kids closed it out....and believe me, shit was OVER! Like a 45 minute set x Encore x everyone on the stage with them!

Mikey X P-Funk

Hip Hop ain't's hiding in the future on some Marty Mcfly shit. Hollar

-Carlo P(Young Cheeezy)

T.G.I Fridays

Friday night.....TGI at Skylark. Not much more to say than that everyone was RIPPPED. haha

Celso(Hydrocee) was in the house

So was all of my Westborough folks
The Jets and 10 percent always in the buildin. MEOOOW!
Ripped as fuck on the 280 south home. GOODNIGHT

-Carlo P(Young Cheeezy)