Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dom Kennedy x Drewbyrd Blackscale Meet and Greet

Thursday I got to partake in a testament to the new Westcoast movement of Hip Hop. Dom Kennedy is definitely one of my favorite artist in this new surge of Hip Hop music ranging from the East Coast with Wiz Khalifa, Midwest with Kid Cudi/Chip tha Ripper, and down South with Curren$y (just to name a couple artist respectively).

I'd like to thank my good friend Drewbyrd for letting me get some great clips and experience the LA movement first hand up here in SF. Word up to Blackscale, Dom's camp, and Dom Kennedy as well for rocking the shit out of 330 Ritch!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

George Jadelrab x Connetic

A short commercial for George's new clothing sponsor Connetic. Skate and eat, two of George's favorite past times!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Fatlace Word Up 1/15! part 2

As the day progressed, the sun was definitely a big change from the rain of past events. Dust was swept up in to my eyes during some of the video shots. I wish I had a pair of goggles for some of the shots I got, cause at some points I was shooting blind!

Mid way through watching Todd's run at the short course, I heard Kenny's voice scream "TODD THE KOGI TRUCK IS HERE!". My eyes light up and Todd spun out cause of his rumbling stomach.
Andrew with a moment of calm during lunch. His Starion was running strong as usual. At one point he did drive the TE at the figure 8s. His figure 8 action looked like hes been driving that TE all his life! I think this man may be going into Rolla Life soon!
Best sticker of the day goes to......the Kogi truck. I won't lie, it took me a minute to figure that one out

At the end of the day, the TE had a good first outing. Cheers to hard work paid off!
Hang tight for some video coverage from in the next couple days. Again if you are looking to learn to drift and burn some tires. Please register with the next Word Up!

Fatlace Word Up 1/15! part 1

Had another fun today at Fatlace's Word Up event. Saturday was my second time attending and again it was a blast! From the last 2 held, it was dry for once on this 3rd outing. Many tires were killed in the process of these pictures below. Todd and Andrew (Ultraspeed) went for broke on blowing up a couple pairs themselves!

I want to thank Kenny, Lesley, and the rest of the Fatlace crew for letting me poach in for some pics and to get some video. Video is on its way, so enjoy a couple pictures for now!

TE was finally running healthy and making a good amount of tire smoke!The short course was actually the most demanding out of the 2 Gymkhana courses. The bigger one being fast and sweeping, while the short one was fast transitions/weight transfers with tight turns. Here is Todd with some feed back to Ronnie aka Reign from Fatlace
Todd had his swag meter on 10 with that moustache