Sunday, September 30, 2007

The game will never end

Has anyone been on The City Skateboards site lately? They have a new section called City Takeout which features many leftovers from the Crime in the City dvd. What people don't that the Bohannon brothers(Jay and Cameron) of ReckordSF and Product of the Bay fame sprinkled their skills into the editting of this little daily section. Yes that's right, the beginning Chinese take out graphics was made by Jay Bohannon, and the editting of course by Cameron Bohannon. Reckord never sleeps!

On top of that, here's a little treat that I felt I had to add on since people are putting their extras that did not make it on their dvds.
A little documentary style montage that did not make it on the Product of the Bay DVD due to some music rights conflict. This documents Cameron Bohannon(ReckordSF) and George Jadelrab's(ReckordSF) skateboarding trip to Singapore and Thailand. ENJOY....because believe me, this project took alot of endless nights on the cutting room floor for us to make.:X

-Young Cheezy(Carlo P)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

In class doodling

Probably should be paying attention in class..

P.S. Someone needs to put this on a t-shirt.


Sunday, September 23, 2007


Been spending more time around my new found "home" area. Pacifica pier is interesting:it smells like rotten crabs, has a cafe in the beginning that sells a tuna sandwich I can make at home for like $6, and random little kids running around like a Rugrats episode.

Dirtbagsanonymous seagull edition aka flying sea rat with wings.
Emo? Ket watching the sunset......
.....while of course multitasking and emailing Jay-Z about album cover art. SIKE!
Nicole Scherzinger makes me............feel like a deer in headlights. Give my mom props for catching me perv out. hahaha
Thats all. Hope you all had a good Sunday as well.

-Young Cheeezy(Carlo P)


Spontaneous nights always turn out the best. I can say that from experience. Friday was a perfect example of that. Our plan was to drink at the house then check out a bar called Bar Dynamite in the Hillcrest area. The night started off as planned.

Kyle's crouch


Our plans were put to a screeching hault when Kyle was denied at Bar D because his shirt was too "hip-hop". Apparently bars that play hip hop dont like people with "hip-hop" attire to attend. Since Kyle's shirt was too long for Bar D, we decided to meet up with the homie Amir at some bar called Altitude at the Marriot downtown SD. We didn't know what to expect.

The place ended up being on the 22nd floor of the Marriot and was one of the top rated rooftop bars in the U.S. You could see inside of Petco Park, it was pretty amazing and a good time.

Nothing completes a night like a game of beer pong.

Kyle getting got.

The night was random but turned out a real good time. Till the next spontaneous night!


Saturday, September 22, 2007


.......was in town for one night from UCLA. One of my OG friends in the Xanga/Friendster era of my life. Fuck.....I mean everyone has a myspace now.....give us a little street cred for at least being up on the networking game before everyone and their mom were up on that shit. Been in the game for a minute kid.hahahah.

-Carlo P(Young Cheeezy)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Silver box of death

1979 Ford Fiesta. $700 x 2nd owner x 163k original miles x old lady in millbrae owned= my new/old whip

Rolling couch , coffin and of course car
-Young Cheezy(Carlo P)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Back by Popular Demand!

Well maybe not that popluar...and not that high of a demand..but never the less, it' back. What is it you might ask? Posts on this damn blog, that's what. I've been gone for a while, a lot of shit has been going on but I've been so bored with the internet that I need to start making it interesting again. So I'm going to try my hardest to update this thing.