Tuesday, March 31, 2009

DGK "Lights Out"

i got the stevie deck here in DC. i still gotta go skate pulaski.

daft mixing

kanye posted this on his blog; ive already spent 15mins on it

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


As exerted from theberrics.com and DC SHOES:

Each Tuesday on The Berrics, for three weeks, PJ will do a new ledge trick. After receiving your inspiration from PJ, you must film yourself doing a ledge trick and post the video in the comments section of this page.

PJ will do the first trick on Tuesday, March 24th. You have 6 days to film and post your trick here. On Tuesday, March 31st, we will announce the first winner and PJ will release the next trick. The first week’s winner will receive a year's supply of DC gear including 6 pairs of PJ's new shoe, the PJ S LX.

On Tuesday, April 7th PJ will pick the winner of the 2nd trick, and release the third and final trick. You have 6 days to film and post your last trick here. The second week’s winner will also receive a year's supply of DC gear including 6 pairs of PJ's new shoe, the PJ S LX.

On Tuesday April 14th, PJ will pick the winner of the 3rd trick. The third week’s winner will also receive a year's supply of DC gear including 6 pairs of PJ's new shoe, the PJ S LX.

The Grand Prize winner will be chosen on Tuesday, April 21st. If you make three tricks, edit them together and post the video in the comments section below. PJ will choose the winner that sends in the 3 best tricks who will receive a year's supply of DC gear, and PJ’s actual ledge he used to film all the footage for Project Granite and the commercials for the PJ S LX.

DC and the Berrics are giving you the ledge! (if you live in an apartment or somewhere where you can’t actually take the ledge, DC will provide $5k in DC gear).
Yes, entries from anywhere in the world are encouraged!

This week's trick-Nollie Heelflip Tailslide by P.J Ladd

and one by our favorite dirtbagger, George Jadelrab


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Keri Hilson Knock you Down.

Pretty Tight, you can see Nick Diamond in the background in one scene. Kanye forgot to send me an invite to the shoot.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Chrisette Michelle-Epiphany

Peep the cameo by Drake, living up to his alias "Heartbreak Drake". haha

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Myself (Carlo P) against the Jianator. Watch video before looking at bracket rundown on the bottom


Bracket rundown to the Semi finals:

Carlo Almazan vs Mike Sutter

Jian Utleg vs Carlo Ang

Semi finals coming sooner than you think! Stay Tuned!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Thursday, March 12, 2009

san diego spots

anthony williams skates ucsd and mira mesa. illy.

Cameos galore

Now in my mind I will always remember Ron Howard was in a rap video. :x

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

ang V.S. arab

sorry george, BUT thank you carlo P...asshole.


CARLO ANG VS GEORGE JADELRAB. Sorry it took so long folks. More to come, promise!


Sunday, March 8, 2009


got me inspired to be like Arnold

"so im cumming day and night" -arnold

Kid Cudi - Day And Night - Kid Cudi

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Game of Skate

If it doesn't come up this weekend, blame this fucker.

ancheeseta (12:09:21 AM): ha
ancheeseta (12:09:26 AM): another gaytage
ancheeseta (12:09:32 AM): put up the fuckin skate
ancheeseta (12:09:35 AM): hahah
carlitotron (12:10:08 AM): haha
carlitotron (12:10:10 AM): it aint coming
carlitotron (12:10:13 AM): if you dont stop bitching
ancheeseta (12:10:16 AM): fuck yooo
carlitotron (12:10:17 AM): and im dead serious
carlitotron (12:10:21 AM): if i hear another word about that
ancheeseta (12:10:25 AM): no one wants those montages
carlitotron (12:10:25 AM): that shit will never go up
ancheeseta (12:10:27 AM): haha
carlitotron (12:10:33 AM): ok, well then ill stop posting
carlitotron (12:10:36 AM): you do the dirty work
ancheeseta (12:10:40 AM): hah good
carlitotron (12:10:43 AM): for sho
ancheeseta (12:10:47 AM): hahaha
ancheeseta (12:10:53 AM): stop neing a bitch
carlitotron (12:11:02 AM): naw ill just stop
ancheeseta (12:11:36 AM): ok
ancheeseta (12:11:42 AM): whatevs
carlitotron (12:11:49 AM): ok
carlitotron (12:12:27 AM): youre not the one filming or posting this shit
carlitotron (12:12:30 AM): so stop bitching
carlitotron (12:12:34 AM): lol
ancheeseta (12:12:41 AM): ya ya
carlitotron (12:12:55 AM): yeah, so take your tampon out of your dick hole and shut up please
carlitotron (12:12:59 AM): thank you
ancheeseta (12:13:02 AM): no
carlitotron (12:13:22 AM): ok, you can do whatever you like
carlitotron (12:13:22 AM): ahha
ancheeseta (12:13:30 AM): yes
carlitotron (12:13:43 AM): so the more you bitch, the more likely its not going up
carlitotron (12:13:45 AM): your choice
ancheeseta (12:13:51 AM): no
ancheeseta (12:14:02 AM): can't stop, won't stop
ancheeseta (12:14:07 AM): ehh ehh
carlitotron (12:14:23 AM): alright, gonna have to make a post about this convo
carlitotron (12:14:28 AM): so people know its your fault
carlitotron (12:14:29 AM): haha
ancheeseta (12:14:34 AM): gud
ancheeseta (12:14:43 AM): post the whole damn thang
ancheeseta (12:14:54 AM): so they'll see how much of a bitch u are
ancheeseta (12:14:59 AM): u aint no berra
ancheeseta (12:15:02 AM): haha
carlitotron (12:15:15 AM): i am the moderator of the blog
carlitotron (12:15:21 AM): hahah
carlitotron (12:15:28 AM): so kiss my arse
ancheeseta (12:15:32 AM): how do post u post ichats anyway
carlitotron (12:15:37 AM): oh dont worry
ancheeseta (12:15:41 AM): u save?
carlitotron (12:15:40 AM): youll find out
ancheeseta (12:15:47 AM): aright

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


no tracks up on imeem. check their myspace.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Men love cars

Really excited about this movie coming out called "Love the Beast". It's a story of movie actor Eric Bana and his love for his first car, an australian made Ford GT Falcon coupe(watch the first Mad Max movie). Shot in 1080p documentary style, and also done by Whyte House Productions(responsible for skate videos such as Almost Round 3, Blind What If, etc). Love the Beast caught my attention because like every guy, we all had that one car that was your "baby".

Note: The use of Fully Flared songs such as Band of Horse's-The Funeral, and Arcade Fire's- Go cars Go.