Thursday, July 22, 2010


Just in time to bring more heat to this summer.....more hot footage out of good ol SF!

Summertime Montage presented by Dirtbags Anonymous.

Featured (in order of appearence):
Cesar Rosado
Stephen Serrano
Danny Carvahlo
Duncan Macnaughton
Marek Lueck
Gabby Ang
Randy Catanach
Bernardo Bernard
Larry Lamar
George Jadelrab
Jabari Pendleton

Music: DJ Jazzy Jeff/Fresh Prince-Summertime

Edited by Carlo Pelaez

Filmed by:
Carlo Pelaez
Pauly Harper
Kenji Yonase

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Motion Family x The Dream

One of my favorite production companies, Motion Family, has teamed up with The Dream. They bring you not one, but THREE, songs off of Love King to make this Trilogy video. Being that I am one of the biggest The Dream fans, and a Motion Family fan as well, its like a dream made in colobaboration heaven. No pun intended.