Monday, January 17, 2011

Fatlace Word Up 1/15! part 1

Had another fun today at Fatlace's Word Up event. Saturday was my second time attending and again it was a blast! From the last 2 held, it was dry for once on this 3rd outing. Many tires were killed in the process of these pictures below. Todd and Andrew (Ultraspeed) went for broke on blowing up a couple pairs themselves!

I want to thank Kenny, Lesley, and the rest of the Fatlace crew for letting me poach in for some pics and to get some video. Video is on its way, so enjoy a couple pictures for now!

TE was finally running healthy and making a good amount of tire smoke!The short course was actually the most demanding out of the 2 Gymkhana courses. The bigger one being fast and sweeping, while the short one was fast transitions/weight transfers with tight turns. Here is Todd with some feed back to Ronnie aka Reign from Fatlace
Todd had his swag meter on 10 with that moustache

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